Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your natural lashes with semi-permanent extensions.

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About the service

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Lash Extension Services

Full Set Eyelash Extensions


Individual lash extensions customized in length and volume to enhance your natural lashes & eye shape.

1-2 Week Fill


Must have at least 70% retention.

2-3 Week Fill


Must have at least 50% retention.

Eyelash Extension Removal


Professional removal of eyelash extensions without damage to the natural lashes.

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We love and appreciate every one of our clients! We put our whole heart into working with our clients and it means so much to us when they are happy with their results.

I’m so happy with how my skin has turned out after I got all the amazing skin care products you recommended. Thank you so much for your help! My skin has never felt or looked better!

Shaylin R.

My face looks AMAZING! Thank you so much!!!  The dark spots are GONE! I used to have those dark spots near my mouth and I had absolutely no confidence what so ever taking pics. I took this pic today... In fact I have been using the same picture from 2 years ago for 2 years for any “profile picture “ type thing because of the dark spots. New profile picture now! It really does mean a lot!

Karalyn P.

Love my face!! Looks amazing! Thank you! You are always a ray of sunshine in my life! And all of the products you had me get really helped a lot. Thank you :)

Michele P.

My face looks so bright and healthy!! With each new facial I see a new result.

Katrina S.

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